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Get the "Properties" Context Menu Back for Firefox 3.6

As you may have noticed, Firefox 3.6 removed the "Properties" item from the right click menu. Many of us found this integral for checking image dimensions, file size, alt text, or any number of other pieces of meta data.

Some developers on the other hand, felt it was, "not useful for most users," *cough* unsubstantiated opinion *cough* and unceremoniously hacked it out.

That's okay though, because thanks to the Element Properties add-on, we can get it right back.

Configuring Nano for Drupal coding

According to Drupal's coding standards, indentations should be in the form of 2 spaces, not tabs. Not to difficult, unless you've got that tab key ingrained in you. No need to re-train yourself on the spacebar, however, most good editors allow you to set the tab length and switch between spaces or tabs for indentation. Nano is no different, so let's take a look at how.