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PET - Particle Emission Tool (Flash Version)

a tool to be used in the creation of other works
  • A Flash script developed as a tool for myself.
  • The Flash version of PET was used in live used as a component in live analogue video performances, edited into video compositions, and as an image generator for prints.

complete redesign & redevelopment
The new home page features role-based navigation, dynamic content feeds, and direct links to important information.
  • Complete redesign and restructuring to improve usability, accessibility, and SEO.
  • Migrated old site content to Drupal.
  • Coordinated efforts with various content owners.

Jiji Zhazha (叽叽喳喳)

What kind of bird do you have?
a birdcage and a stool, the two interactive components of the piece
  • Audience members move chairs to sit and listen, and by doing so, interact with with the conversation
  • A collaboratively produced, interactive installation for the First Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium

Oliver Gantner's Artist Portfolio

simple, intuitive image showcase
images are chosen from the arc of tiny thumbnails which rotates based on mouse position
  • Worked together with the artist to create a unique Flash website to showcase his work.


my first foray into an alternative interface for an interactive screen
just nine of the thousands of possible reconfigurations of my face that can be achieved on screen by prodding around in the skull
  • An interactive video projection with an alternate interface.
  • The user prods electrodes into a replica human skull in order to select and manipulate video loops of my face in various ways.

K vs K

1 kev + 1 kev > 1 kev
a series of screen grabs from the episode entitled "da bomb"
  • An interactive video projection that resulted from a collaboration between myself and Kevin Kline.
  • Viewers could select Spy vs Spy™ inspired episodes to "mash-up" on the projected screen.

Suitcase Manifesto

has suitcase will travel
the suitcase crab in its natural habitat: a suburban woodlot
  • The tale of a wooden robot that lived in a suitcase.

Specimen Exam

an experiment in menu design
each organism represents a section of the menu, each with their own sub-menu links
  • Based on memories of peering into pond-scum with my microscope as a child.
  • Originally Intended a Flash-based menu system for my portfolio page, but I decided to go with a simpler approach in order to facilitate the user. Still very fun to play with though.

Unconventional Drawing

four experiments in flash
  • A Flash-based tool that allows the user to play with generating imagery onscreen.
  • Originally displayed on a large touch screen, and adapted for a standard point-and-click interface.

Palimpsest as a Layered Progression of Change Through Use

The Search for Definition

In order to discuss occurrences of palimpsest, it is first necessary to define what the term "palimpsest" has come to mean. The original usage of palimpsest referred to a parchment that had been scrubbed (as best as possible) and re-written upon. This usage still applies, but the definition has been expanded and the term "palimpsest" can now be applied to a great number of things. A piece of parchment that has been scrubbed and reused, a painting that has been painted over numerous times, a wall of graffiti, a concept passed on and manipulated by each person who contributes to it, a land or architecture that has been changed by an inhabiting culture, the culture itself as it progresses through time and necessarily alters itself in order to survive—these are all examples of palimpsest. Yet, with such broad usage, a discontinuity of definition begins to develop and the varying occurrences of palimpsest need to be compared in order to find a discreet common ground and thereby a definition.

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