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K vs K

1 kev + 1 kev > 1 kev
a series of screen grabs from the episode entitled "da bomb"

K vs K was a whimsical project that produced through collaboration with Kevin Kline. It was very fun to make, and took inspiration from childhood memories of cartoon violence—such as Spy vs. Spy and Warner Bro's. cartoons—in which the aggressor suffers as much or more than the intended victim.

The setup for the piece included two separate computers—each running their own Macromedia Director program and sending the output to their own projector. There are also three screens for piece, one for each individual projection and a third screen where the two projections mix. The two initial screens are made of a loose, window-screening material and allow the projection to pass through them and onto the larger, more solid screen in between.

We made four "episodes" of conflict between our respective characters. Since each character has their half of each episode on its own computer, the episodes could either be watched simultaneously (same episode for each character) or mixed (each character playing out their part of different episodes) depending upon timed key presses on each computer's keyboard.

In each episode, the two Kevins clash in the classic style of cartoons, such as pulling out weapons of mass destruction from their pockets or multiplying themselves to create opposing armies, yet in the end each Kevin is foiled by their own competitive struggle.