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Roman Palimpsest Forum

palimpsest as a layered progression of change through use
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A Doric colonnade, included into the wall of the Basilica di San Nichola in Carcere. One of the may examples of architectural palimpsest that inspired this project.This project was both my final thesis project for the class Rome: Republic to Renaissance given by Drs. Linda Mitchell and Fionna Tolhurst, and my first experiment in multiuser web design.

The project takes the form of an unconventional online forum, based in Macromedia Flash with server-side scripting in PHP to enable user interaction. The forum attempts to question the "preciousness" of art objects by forcing the user to deconstruct my writings in order to construct their own.

Amusingly, the end result unintentionally resembles the functionality of refrigerator poetry magnets.