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Specimen Exam

an experiment in menu design
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I wanted a menu that you had to chase around for an old web project of mine. Somewhere along the line I decided to try to replicate the experience of examining microbiological specimens through a microscope. A lot of effort was spent on trying to get the movement script to seem natural. note: the movement script does not replicate the motions of the represented organism, it is just an attempt to look realistic to the untrained eye.

I ended up enjoying the menu more than the project itself, so presented here is just the menu with no content—the menu links don't go anywhere, so click away.

each organism represents a section of the menu, each with their own sub-menu links

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If you think that you have Flash player installed, you can try accessing the file directly: specimenExam6.swf

Please activate javascript to detect your media plugins.

Older browsers, also IE/Mac, are not supported.

  • Moving the mouse slide the point of view around.
  • Clicking in empty space will toggle between magnification.
  • Hovering over a specimen will pause its movement
  • Clicking on a specimen will bring up its menu, and clicking on it again will remove the menu.